Remedies That Help With Pain


Pediatric Physical Therapy

April 3rd, 2019

Find the right physical therapist for your little one.

It’s an unfortunate reality that children every day are born with or diagnosed with debilitating illnesses that usually stay with them their whole lives. Just like pediatric medicine, the physical therapist working with your child should specialize in pediatric physical therapy. They may also work on a team of physical therapists in different fields. Pediatric cases that require multiple physiotherapists are usually more severe and complicated, just like cases that require multiple physicians or surgeons.

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The Inflammation Diet

March 1st, 2019

Anti-inflammatory Foods and Foods That Cause Inflammation

Everything we put into our body matters, especially when we are trying to manage inflammation in the body. While certain drugs can be effective, most have some pretty terrible side effects, and if it can be treated with natural methods, it should be. The inflammation diet has become popular among many dieticians who see people for things like fibromyalgia as well as an array of other diseases nutrition can affect. Before we get started, there are certain things we should establish right away.

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Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

January 7th, 2019

Here’s the deal. Medical methods for treating chronic pain have been shown to cause a myriad of unwanted side effects, including addiction, ulcers, and liver damage. It’s no wonder that people have started seeking methods to alleviate their chronic pain outside their doctor’s office. While you doctor should be informed and involved in any methods you are taking to alleviate your pain, some of those may involve treatment outside of a medical doctor’s office. If you want to know how acupuncture for chronic pain works, keep reading.

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Is It Time To Try Chiropractic Adjustment?

November 22nd, 2018

Could seeing a Chiropractor help improve your chronic pain?

Here’s the deal: We are all well aware now that the spine is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and can have a myriad effect on your pain, well-being, and overall health. Stick around to learn what is chiropractic care and just how it may benefit you in your search for natural pain relief. You may be wondering “What do chiropractors do?” and just how a chiropractic adjustment may improve your chronic pain. The spine is very strong, but also very sensitive, so chiropractic care is not for everyone. It is important to do your research, so keep reading and find out if chiropractic care is right for you.

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Chronic Pain: Your Body’s Broken Panic Button

October 31st, 2018

Which Omega-3 Supplement is Best for Your Chronic Pain?

It’s not a secret anymore that omega-3 supplements can help your heart, brain, and overall health. However, omega-3’s have also been shown to serve as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which means it can help reduce pain. Most pain and swelling is caused by some kind of tissue damage, and some of the most common culprits are damage to joint tissue and spinal tissue. Damage to these kinds of tissues can cause friction between bones, loss of strength, and inflammation. The inflammation becomes the source of the pain. Inflammation puts stress and pressure on the nerve endings, causing them to send painful signals to the brain.

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Inflammation: Why It Causes Chronic Pain & How To Treat It.

September 26th, 2018

Inflammation is one of the largest causes of chronic pain. Any area of the body that has an injury is going to suffer some amount of chronic pain and inflammation. For example, if you have a bulging disc, most bulging discs are asymptomatic all by themselves. However, the shift in your spinal column causes tension on the muscles surrounding it. You may not be experiencing bone pain, but you likely will have swelling in the muscles, since they are having to bear weight differently than they naturally want to. This goes for pretty much any joint or connective tissue in the body: If something is out of place or weakened, strain is placed elsewhere in the body to keep you still able to sit and stand. It shifts the balance abnormally toward the muscle tissue, causing swelling, inflammation and pain.

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5 Easy Pilates Exercises For Chronic Pain

August 2nd, 2018

Simple Pilates Exercises for Lower Body and Core Strength.

An Easy Pilates routine that will help your chronic pain by strengthening key muscles and providing an effective workout. Pilates Exercises can be a great way to do your Chronic Pain Exercises in fast, fun way and get a great cardio workout with these simple pilates moves!

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Polyarthritis; What is it and What Can You Do About It?

July 8th, 2018

Arthritis sufferers are all too familiar with pain, but since there are so many types of arthritis, the kind of pain, as well as the treatment, can vary greatly from person to person. Polyarthritis is a term used when four, five, or even more joints are affected with arthritic symptoms, including inflammation, swelling, stiffness, lumps, and, of course, the well-known symptom of pain. While polyarthritis is a word that can be used simply to describe the high number of joints involved in arthritis, it is often associated with a chronic autoimmune or temporary viral condition

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The Best Treatments for Sore Knees

June 12th, 2018

The knee is an extremely complex joint comprised of several muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. This is why there are so many different types of knee pain and why it can be tricky to treat.

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5 Easy Middle Back Pain Exercises

May 2nd, 2018

Middle back pain can often be the result of poor posture throughout the day, as well as weakened core muscles that don’t properly support the spine. Practicing these 5 middle back pain exercises can help strengthen your core and reduce back pain.

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What is Spinal Fusion Surgery?

April 25th, 2018

If you find your lower back pain to be a constant disruptor in your life, know that you’re not alone. Lower back pain is very common. In fact, 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at any given time. If you’re suffering from lower back pain, could spinal fusion surgery be the answer?

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5 Easy Lower Back Pain Exercises

April 10th, 2018

Lower back pain is one of the most debilitating conditions worldwide. According to the American Chiropractic Association, it is the leading cause of work disability in the United States.1 Lower back pain can have a wide array of causes, as well as a variety of different kinds of pain. Many low back pain sufferers have sciatic nerve pain. Many have scar tissue from injury or surgery, causing deep pain in the muscle. Many are suffering from herniated or bulging disks, or any combination of some or all of these, as they are often comorbid conditions.

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5 Easy Shoulder Pain Exercises

March 30th, 2018

Shoulder pain and upper back pain can often be the result of weak, overstretched, or injured muscles in the deltoid and interscapular muscle groups. For almost all types of chronic pain, especially chronic pain related to spinal issues, physical therapy can be an effective tool in the treatment of pain. Shoulder exercises can help restore the posture in your upper back as well as strengthen the muscles that support the top half of your thoracic spine. The thoracic spine is the middle section of the spine and can often be uniquely problematic when compared to lumbar injuries or cervical spine issues.

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Joint Pain from Running Sets In When the High Wears Off

March 7th, 2018

It’s awesome to feel the full gush of a runner’s high, but afterwards, when joint pain from running sets in, it can be frustrating. Find out ways to reduce the pain and keep it from setting in as frequently or as much after your next run.

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Living With a Chronically Ill Spouse: What to Expect and What You Can Do To Help

February 18th, 2018

There are a number of resources out there for living with chronic pain, and for good reason. The majority of the attention should always be given to the people actually in pain. They’re the ones who have to schedule their life around their pain, and they’re the ones who have to find treatments to make their pain more bearable. To upstage that with sympathy pains is just disrespectful.

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7 Easy Stretches for Improving Your Posture - and Pain

February 1st, 2018

One of the less obvious causes of pain is often our posture. Between desk jobs, computer screens, and smartphones, our bodies spend a significant amount of time in positions that cause harm to our joints, and lead to pain. In fact, 31 million Americans suffer from low back pain, often caused from sitting too long or bad posture.

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5 Easy Neck Pain Exercises

December 13th, 2017

Chronic neck pain can often be the result of poor posture, lack of strength in the muscles, or both.1 If left untreated, this problem only continue to worsen, leading to decreased neck function as the pain worsens.2 Doing neck pain exercises result in having stronger muscles to support your neck, and will likely result in less neck pain. This can also help with pain associated with bulging disks. Stronger muscles supporting the spine often helps alleviate the pain from the disk injury.

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Characteristics of Chronic Pain

December 7th, 2017

Chronic pain can often be hard to identify and even harder to talk about. Many who suffer from chronic pain often don’t speak with their healthcare professionals about it because they’re afraid they’re making it up.  However, 11% of Americans suffer from chronic pain while 15% report suffering from “severe pain.” I’m going to walk you through how to identify your chronic pain and what can be done about it.

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