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New Blog Series Offers Physical Therapy Solutions At Home

April 26th, 2018

All across the globe, millions of people suffer from chronic pain. Almost a fourth of Americans reported “a lot of pain” on a daily basis. Chronic pain can often be the result of poor spinal health that results in bad posture and insufficient muscle support for the spine. This can lead to stress on certain joints and discs, causing inflammation and pain.

A new blog series from is aimed at arming you with easy, at-home solutions for your pain. According to the new series, citing evidence from the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Medical Association, strengthening the muscles that help support your posture alleviates chronic pain. Stronger muscles can help take stress off the joints which will lead to decreased pain.

The “5 Easy Exercises” series offers solutions to your pain that don’t involve medical intervention. As long-term side effects to medications used to treat chronic pain continue to come to light, people are seeking out more holistic methods to treat their pain.

With chronic pain being the single most debilitating condition worldwide as well as in the U.S., it is more important now than ever to deliver comprehensive solutions to pain management. For more information, visit and look for our “5 Easy Exercises” series. There are back pain exercises, neck pain exercises, and a wealth of information on how to improve your spinal health and decrease your pain with exercises you can do easily at home or in the office.

What Helps Pain wants to arm you with the best and most comprehensive research to help you, along with your physicians, treat your chronic pain with a variety of approaches. While medicine is important and can be a critical tool in chronic pain management, we hope to offer more comprehensive solutions to help you deal with your specific pain.

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