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Pain and Bad Posture

January 24th, 2018

Whether chronic or new, your pain may be the result of bad posture. Stretching is one of the most important methods of exercise instituted during physical therapy. This releases tension and lactic acid caught in certain muscles groups. The piriformis muscle is the culprit for many people with low back and sciatic pain. This can help be alleviated by the knee-to-chest stretch that many of us are familiar with. This helps relieve the pain by stretching that muscle, and improves your posture by helping your lower body be able to properly support your core.

With so many people suffering from chronic back pain, and many of those seeking alternative measure to medical intervention, stretching and other forms of physical therapy can do a great deal of good to many chronic pain sufferers. Posture is important for pain, because sitting wrong stresses muscles in your body.

Stretching can both alleviate the symptoms of poor posture and improve your posture in the future. For more stretching and stretching routines information regarding posture and pain, visit 7 Easy Stretches for Improving Your Posture - and Pain. For the best results, you should try many different physical therapy exercises to improve your posture, back strength, and core strength to help support your spine to alleviate pain, and or it might be time to try other forms of treatment, like chiropractic adjustments is sharing peer-reviewed, gathered, targeted research to help those living within the pain community. We seek only the highest quality information, and only uses completely verifiable data, combining such sources as the National Institute of Health, the Global Burden of Disease, and the American Physical Therapy association to bring you the most accurate and relevant information to treat your pain.

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