Remedies That Help With Pain launches information campaign with new blog

December 7th, 2017

100 million Americans have chronic pain. The need for effective information about relief is huge. That’s why What Helps Pain is set up to arm you with information about different alternative treatment methods for your pain. With the opioid epidemic, you may want to stay as far away from prescription pain relievers as possible. will offer many different ways to treat pain without pain relievers, along with specific research about most major types of pain.

The blog will also offer information about Runner’s knee, shin splints, and other pains related to athletic activity. Pain related to physical activity must be treated differently than other pain such chronic pain or intermittent pain conditions like arthritis. Education on how to take care of your body as an athlete is important, and What Helps Pain hopes to grow to be your go-to source of information when dealing with your athletic pain as well.

What Helps Pain wants to bring you the best information, and will constantly be updating its blogs to reach and help more people affected by pain. In its effort to comprehensively deal with this broad topic, What Helps Pain will consistently be taking requests from readers for article topics they want to see; in order to be the most valuable pain-relief resource possible.

What Helps Pain hopes to become the most comprehensive blog on pain research and holistic pain therapy. Rather than trying to sell you products, this blog will offer you a vast array of information and make you aware of all your options in treating your pain. For more information, visit

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